I used to subscribe to SELF magazine.  I found that I didn’t have the time to read magazines, so I let my subscription lapse.  As part of the new and improved me, I’m moving to the Albany area this summer.  This will require clearing 6 years of accumulated crap out of my house and paring down.  I found all my old magazines, including SELF.  I did skim them, since I’m on this fitness kick, and found the magazine to have good tips, and overall a decent read.

Today I saw this article on Facebook.  I think it’s pretty sad that a magazine that promotes well being decided to make the choice to hurt someone. They have since apologized, but are now feeling the wrath of the internet.  Was it really necessary to make fun of someone for having fun?

I have signed up for my first 5K.  I am running the Color Me Rad race in Liverpool on May 4th.  I was planning on wearing a tiara, but now I think I need a tutu as well.


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Well hello there!  Last fall I forgot to renew my hosting and this blog went *POOF*!  For whatever reason I wasn’t really concerned about getting it going again.  I haven’t really posted much since I started, and finished, my second Associate’s Degree.  I think I have my old blog files hanging out somewhere, but I haven’t looked for them as yet.  I may restore them, I may not.  I’ll decide if I happen to find them.

So, for now I thought that maybe I would give it another shot. And here I am: new setup and a new post.  I’ll catch you up shortly, but for now I’m getting things organized and back in some semblance of shape.

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